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Our Community: Achieving What It Cares About

“There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about.”
– Margaret J. Wheatley

This has never been more evident than with our community of devoted sponsors, donors and patrons who contribute so much to support your showing experience. They care about the same things you care about, which is why they do what they do to help make our shows special.

You care about having a horse-friendly venue where horses leave feeling as good as when they arrived. We are fortunate to partner with the Washington State Horse Park–a venue with abundant natural “horse-friendly” features. However, it still takes annual investment in arena footing and surrounding amenities to make the improvements that keep our horses feeling their best. You make this possible through your attendance, matched by:

  • The generous donation of the Hallman-Luhn Family of Equidae Farm, combined with a corporate match from Microsoft and the individual support of many of our exhibitors, which has funded the matting of all the permanent stalls at the Horse Park.
  • The multi-year sponsorships of Farpoint Farm, Legacy Hunters & Jumpers, Sundance Equestrian combined with the Cascade Partnership’s ongoing reinvestment in the Horse Park, which has helped to fund annual re-grading of the footing in every arena, plus helped to purchase the equipment that maintains it.

The Cascade USHJA National Hunter Derby trophy by sponsor Brick Road Farms at the 2019 Cascade Finals

When you win, you care about feeling like a winner at every level: taking that victory gallop, joining the awards presentations, and receiving quality prizes. We know you have as much reason to celebrate in winning a round at 18″ as at 1.30m. Thanks to the sponsorship of these fine businesses and the stellar people who run them, we are able to offer you more prize money, more prizes, and more recognition at all levels:

You care about showing in an inclusive environment where you and your whole family feel appreciated and welcomed. One way we bring that to you is through our complimentary happy hours and hospitality events. These are delivered to you through the generous sponsorship of:

You care about having fun and distinctive classes that uniquely challenge your riding and horsemanship: You help us create these through your attendance, matched by the sponsorships of:

You care about creating opportunities for those “just starting out”,  be it horse or rider. And thanks to sponsorship of IOS Ranch, we are able to offer you our Young Horses / OTTB Thoroughbreds Show Free program. And with the support of SeaMountain Insurance and Chubb, we are able to offer the Shannon Hendrickson Memorial Grants.

Whether through our community’s charitable donations to the Horse Park, our sponsors’ generous support, or your continued attendance at each of our shows, we are in this venture together to achieve what we collectively care about most: having great showing opportunities in Washington State.

And for that we are truly thankful.

Our Community Is Our Superpower

When people come together to achieve something beyond themselves, a community is born. When the community invests together, visions become reality.

We stand in awe of our extraordinary community of supporters who help us create a uniquely enjoyable showing experience. An experience that inspires competition in the ring, and camaraderie outside of it.

Our Fantastic Professional Community

We would like to thank all the dedicated horse people who came together last season and join us again this season to help make Cascade events the most highly anticipated shows of the year:

Carol Hinckley, Brick Road Farms
Shelly Kerron, Legacy Hunters & Jumpers
Katherine Wade-Easley, Sundance Equestrian
Morgan Carr, Encanto Valley Farm
Denise Youell, Farpoint Farm
Tami Masters, Starfire Farm
Amanda Gelderman-Brant, Evolution Equestrian
Shannon Hendrickson, Signature West Farms

Nancy Free, Brass Ring Farm
Kim & Jacque Stuckens, Magnolia Ridge Training
Lisa Shane, Absolute Hunters & Jumpers
Lauren Crawford-Breum, HangTime Hunters & Jumpers
Quinn Partridge, Thumbs Up Farm
Leah Schifferl & Kim Mccreight, Cypress Farm
Hadley Johnson, Allynbrooke Hunters & Jumpers

Our Amazing Business Community

We’re also proud to be supported by a community of outstanding business owners and representatives who not only provide top notch products and services, but go the extra mile to make your experience personal. They deserve your patronage:

Debbie Dillon, Horseware of Ireland
Lori Houston, Whittier Trust
Kimberly Tenhulzen, Tenhulzen Real Estate
Eve Willett, Red Pony Insurance
Mike Akers, Olson’s Tack Shop
Lindsey Spurgeon, Voltaire Design
John Mabbott, The Grange of Issaquah
Jennifer Sparks, DVM
Susan Bernard, Cascade Animal Clinic
Brenda Jacroux, Chez Jacroux
Marla Hamilton-Lucas, Horses In Black
Lola Michelin, Northwest School of Animal Massage
Sarah Eisler, City Girl Equestrian

Abbie Block, Absolute Horse
Ansara Patterson, Geneva Financial
Jamie Kosele, Stubben Saddles
Dianna Connelly Insurance Services
Kristi Zimbelman, Performance Horse Therapy
Chuck & Debbie Estrin, Rocking ‘E’ Feeds
Teal Shoop, Sterling Essentials
Jim Spane, Spane Buildings
Mikie Coffman Shepler, Ride the Ducks
Kelsey King, American Mechanical Corp.
Jennifer Hansen, Woodbrook Hunt Club
Natalie Shaw, Purina & Wilco Farm

Take a Moment and Say Thanks

You’ll see most of these people, if not all, at our upcoming shows. They may be standing at the in-gate coaching their riders. They may be cheering for their son or daughter. They may be serving you a plate of awesome food or pouring you a refreshing drink. They may be presenting you with a fancy cooler & neck ribbon, a shiny silver platter or some super cool product. Please take a moment and say hi, and say thanks!