Cascade Shows: Coming Back Stronger in 2021

2020 has been difficult for us all, but today we are excited to announce that in 2021 we are coming back stronger than ever!

This year has given all of us at Cascade Horse Shows an opportunity to reflect upon why we pursue this crazy venture. Canceling our show season truly stung. Not being able to realize the fruits of our labors was definitely disappointing. But it has been the forced distancing from all of you this past summer that has reminded us of why we do this, and why it matters to us that we host our shows each season.

For us, our shows are an opportunity to celebrate with you a shared love of horse sport. Young or old, amateur or professional, what height you jump: these differences don’t matter. Hosting the shows is our way of sharing a part of your experiences, to live vicariously through your winning tears, your joyful smiles, your proud hold onto your well earned ribbons. Not bearing witness to these moments has been the hardest part of canceling our season. Knowing that someday we will be able to come together again is what has kept us planning and preparing for the future.

Announcing Our 2021 Show Dates

So today we are happy to share with you that we have secured our dates and made our plans for 2021.  Mark your calendars: you won’t want to miss a single day of the 2021 Cascade Horse Shows season!

Thanks again for being a supporter, fan, and friend of Cascade Horse Shows. We cannot wait to see you back in the ring 2021. Until then please take care of yourself and others. Stay healthy and ride on!

The Cascade Horse Shows Team