Getting Show Ready: EHV-1 Protocols

Cascade shows start soon. To minimize the impact of the EHV-1 equine virus and to keep all of our horses safe, additional protocols are required prior to the start of the competitions. Here is what you need to know for smooth entry and arrival at the Washington State Horse Park:

Mandatory EHV-1 Protocols

Prior to arrival, the following EHV-1 actions are mandatory, per US Equestrian requirements:

1. Proof of vaccination:

  • Each horse is required to have proof of receiving vaccination for Equine Influenzas and Equine Herpes Virus (Rhinopneumonitis) a minimum of 14 days prior and maximum of 6 months prior to arrival at the WSHP
  • USEF vaccination records or vaccination report on official letterhead with veterinarian’s signature will be accepted
  • Make sure all records list horses full show names and include trainers first and last name

2. Competed USEF EHV-1 declaration form:

3. Maintain a twice-a-day temperature log for each horse starting 7 days prior to arrival:

  • USEF Equine Temperature Log Form
  • Temperature logs must be presented at the show office before horse numbers will be released
  • Temperature logs must be maintained for each horse on the grounds for the duration of shows

How to Submit Your Proofs

  • Email proof of vaccination and your USEF EHV-1 Declaration Form to the following email address by Thursday, June 9 (Swiftwater) and Friday, June 17 (Alpine) to:
  • Temperature logs may be brought to the Show Office upon check-in
  • When emailing us your forms, please consolidate files into a single email to the best of your ability
  • Please indicate trainer name and show(s) you are attending in the subject line of your email


  • Use the Notes (Scan) App on your iPhone or iPad or an equivalent app on Android or Windows to scan and email multiple pages as one .pdf file
  • Copies of the above documents and temperature logs need to accompany horses at arrival

Thank you for your cooperation, we realize this adds work to an already busy time, but it’s important we take the appropriate precautions to protect our beloved equine partners.

Should you have questions or concerns, please reach out via email or text (please, no voice calls):

       Text: 360.573.4360

We look forward to welcoming you to the Washington State Horse Park in Cle Elum!