Welcome to our 2022 Swiftwater Invitational and Alpine Preview horse shows!

We look forward to seeing you very soon at our Swiftwater Invitational and/or Alpine Preview horse shows!  If attending, this information will help you get oriented. If not, then we hope to see you at a future Cascade event.

Before the Show
Arriving at the Horse Park
  • Please note that the horse trailer parking area has moved under the power lines near the park entrance
  • Find your stalls on our stabling charts:
  • Get oriented with our Horse Park Grounds Map and dedicated RV Site Map
  • If arriving the second week (Alpine), please note that your stalls will not be available for move-in before 9am Monday June 20th
  • RV site locations are designated parking only. Your RV site assignment, along with a list of recommended hookup gear, was sent to you when your site was confirmed. Text Tracy and Ansara at 206 714-6346 if unsure
  • RV site passes must be prominently displayed on your vehicle. Please text Tracy and Ansara to obtain your pass.
  • If you are dry camping, please text Tracy and Ansara when you arrive so that you can be directed to available sites. Dry camping is not permitted in our designated parking areas
During the Show
  • On Tuesday when you go to the Show Office to pick up your numbers you will receive a Trainer Packet. It will include a schedule, horse numbers, add/scratch forms, QR codes for the prize list, feed / bedding orders, and schedules.
  • Please return your Trainer Packet to the Show Office each day by 4pm. It will magically arrive back to your stable later that evening with new add/scratch sheets the next day’s schedule.
  • Stables and RVs staying only for the first week need to plan on being out of their stalls and sites by 7pm on Sunday June 19th.
  • PLEASE NOTIFY the show office at check-in time if you need to stay over Sunday night prior to departure. Additional stabling fees will apply.
Other things to remember
  • Clothing for all weather
  • A positive, cheerful vibe
  • Thank your horse(s) 😊

Thank you!

Your Cascade Horse Shows Team

Riding on the Moment™