Last Chance to Secure Circuit Cup Championship Points for 2023!

This year, there are still lots of horses in the running for our 2023 Cascade Circuit Cup Championships! (Read on for current standings.) And there is just one more opportunity to secure your points: by attending our 2023 Cascade Finals September 7th-10th in Cle Elum! This is the show where we tally the final results and recognize this year’s award winners. As a special bonus, points earned at the Cascade Finals are tabulated at 1.5x the normal value!

Reminder: Stall reservations are needed before submitting entries for the show. We encourage you to sign up soon!

The Cascade Circuit Cup Awards recognize outstanding horses and riders over our entire rated show season. The awards, given to the horses accumulating the most points in each of 5 categories, have become an exhibitor favorite since we announced the first winners in 2018. (Cascade Horse Shows thanks Brick Road Farms for sponsoring the USHJA National Hunter Derby Championship.)

Current Standings

Here are the current standings for 2023 up to 12 places in each category. For an explanation of how the points are tallied and which classes qualify, see our current Cascade Circuit Cup Specifications.

USHJA National Hunter Derby
Standings Horse Rider Owner
1st Moonstruck Lauren Hoyt Lauren Hoyt
Tied 2nd Casallo Rachael Davis Katy Leonard
Tied 2nd Cathmore Du Vlist Laurel Zeeman Laurel Zeeman
Tied 3rd Calvaro De Revel Amanda Gelderman Laurel Zeeman
Tied 3rd Hinkapy Van T’eigenloo Amalia Raemy Amalia Raemy
Tied 4th Heathrow HX Sammi Smith-Bailey Sammi Smith-Bailey
Tied 4th Chacco Fly Ash Babbage Ash Babbage
Tied 4th Silhouette Deisy Jimenez Marlene Graves
Tied 5th Closing Time Kelsey King Kelsey King
Tied 5th It’s Easy Z.G Faith Rea Faith Rea
Tied 5th Smirna La Campana Kaidyn Griggs Kaidyn Griggs
Tied 5th Lionheart Braelyn Webb Braelyn Webb
6th Page Turner Deisy Jimenez Hailey Barrow
Tied 7th SWS Freda Jessie Klingler Kimberly Guthrie
Tied 7th Kamakazi Von Kannan Riley Grant Lisa Cotthoff
Tied 7th Le Charmier Addison Rolie Addison Rolie
Hunter 3′ and Up
Standings Horse Rider Owner
1st It’s Easy Z.G Faith Rea Faith Rea
2nd Cathmore Du Vlist Laurel Zeeman Laurel Zeeman
3rd Quinthago Evie Bramwell Evie Bramwell
4th Airmiles Z Jacque Stuckens Kira Charoenkul
5th Armani Ama Samantha Hollow-Bist Samantha Hollow-Bist
6th Silhouette Deisy Jimenez Marlene Graves
7th Black Forest Sarah Olmsted Heidi Seidelhuber
8th Entertainment Meredith Pleasant Meredith Pleasant
9th Dartes Catherine Julsen Catherine Julsen
10th Lennox Susanna Janska Tiffany Woods
Tied 11th Port Royal Sally Parks Sally Parks
Tied 11th MTM Check Me Out Mary-Lou Misrahy Mary-Lou Misrahy
12th Red Fox Hope Deboo Hope Deboo
Hunter Up to 2’9″
Standings Horse Rider Owner
1st Quest Shelby Kremer Shelby Kremer
2nd Midnight Sun Olivia Kibbie Olivia Kibbie
3rd Ucello Tarroy Helen Foster Helen Foster
4th Wt Exclusive Nina Tucker Nina Tucker
5th No Worries Debra Cass Debra Cass
6th Cherrybrook Blue Bobbie Socks Kaidyn Griggs Kaidyn Griggs
7th Brownie Points Sarah Olmsted Laurie Lightfoot
8th Filibuster Jodi Gearon Jodi Gearon
9th Charivia Marian Blazes Shannon Peavey
10th Utmost Reyna Stevenson Reyna Stevenson
11th May Day Hadley Wagter Hadley Wagter
12th Easy Mac Josephine Bumgardner Kingsbury Lane Farm
Jumper 1.10m & Up
Standings Horse Rider Owner
1st Orix Van’t Bergske Sophie Smith Sophie Smith
2nd Mystic Mojo Lynne Wilber Lynne Wilber
3rd Gracia Cantura Lindsey Fletcher Lindsey Fletcher
4th Louis L’ Amour Ash Babbage Ash Babbage
5th Navadee Kinsley Gable Kinsley Gable
6th Cairo Grace Madison Grace Madison
7th Tail’s End Ella Podgorney Sally Parks
8th Varuni Z Tamara Masters Starfire Farm
9th Coille Moire Mckenna Nilsson Mckenna Nilsson
10th Jester Deluxe Chanel Shaffer Rebecca Yantos
11th Dassett Empire Georgia Dillon Elizabeth Kelley
12th FF Artur de Manillon Sadie Fletcher Lindsey Fletcher
Jumper Up to 1.05
Standings Horse Rider Owner
1st Hastings Pamela Watterson Pamela Watterson
2nd Køben Taylor Barton Taylor Barton
3rd Quantos Callie Preece Callie Preece
4th Bon Beliveau Amanda Gelderman Alia Hutcherson
5th Casablanca Mgb Amanda Gelderman Sarah Blossom
6th Pompeii Hh Kendra Crossman Kendra Crossman
7th Challenge D’elixir Z Kendall Harris Kendall Harris
8th Mystic Mojo Lynne Wilber Lynne Wilber
9th Just Do It Anna Driscoll Anna Driscoll
10th Cardod Sebastian Olivia Taylor Olivia Taylor
11th Felix Faith Rea Faith Rea
12th Visionary Katie Hough Katie Hough

See You in September!

Good luck riders!  See you in Cle Elum in September.